Dobra država – The Good State Party

Party platform 

We are committed to the quality of life of all citizens, regardless of their religious, ideological or other beliefs. The party goes beyond current divisions between left-right or conservative, social-democratic or socialist. Dobra država – The Good State Party, is politically, centrally orientated with strong social and liberal emphasis

Ideological divisions are at the heart of broader societal problems as existing elites fail to recognize hybrid threats or identify modern, high-tech sustainable, green development goals which should follow social, technological and climate changes. Ideological divisions in Slovenia are problematic as the existing left-right elites hide their incompetence and corrupt practices by proliferating these divisions.

Basic message to voters

We pledge to put an end to the corruption, political appointing of employees, unprofessionalism, negative selection and political privatisation of government departments destroying the development foundations of our country and the EU.

We pledge to prevent unintentional wastage of public funds which consequently means there are insufficient funds for development, health care, education, social and state security.

Attitude towards politics

It is necessary to return to a professional and respectful dialogue in politics, to rid it of political posturing and hate speech. It is necessary to restore reputation and role of the National Assembly.

Politics must become a respectable profession for people with extensive careers who think for themselves and are not just an uncritical extension of political interest groups.

Intergenerational relationships

The demographic future of Slovenia and EU is a key development challenge being neglected by all the current elites at the expense of future generations. Only a new intergenerational development agreement can address this developmental issue. It is necessary to combine the energy of the young, with the wisdom and experience of the mature generations.

The young should be given good working environment for idea development and be provided with economic and social security when entering adulthood.

Basic living conditions should be established for the elderly, thus acknowledging that old age is not a disease and pensions should not be regard as social welfare benefits.

GO Green and GO Forward

1. A transition to an environmentally friendly and humane economic system is needed. The system must take into account that natural resources are limited (i.e. finite amount of natural resources is are at our disposal), this applies to Slovenia, the EU and Planet the Earth as a whole.

2. New, underestimated threats: Modern threats are not just those of security, military, terrorism. There are also complex, intertwined
economic, ecological, health, climate, energy issues.

3. Migration is due to historical, colonial, security, economic and climate reasons. It needs to be managed proactively, not just dealth whith when it arises. Respect for human rights, taking into account the limitations of individual countries, is of paramount importance here.

4. The financial sector must act to benefit the economy and the state, and not avoid paying taxes, which are a source of development, social welfare and investment of the modern state. White-collar crime is an extremely serious problem.

5. Corruption erodes the foundations of a society. A third of the Slovenian budget is lost due to corruption annually, all these lost founds could be used for health care, roads, the young, care for the elderly, pensions…

6. Sustainable development: Awareness of ecological issues means preserving the world for future generations.

Bojan Dobovšek, Ph. D., leader of the Good State Party

Professor Dobovšek was a member of Parliament and the leader of the Deputy Group of Unaffiliated Deputies, in the Slovenian Parliament. He is a Full Professor of Criminology at the Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security, University of Maribor, Slovenia.

He was also a member of the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption as a representative of the Judiciary branch of power. He was a researc partner of the Institute fur Politikwissenschaft und Socialforschunf, University of Wurzburg, Germany and visiting professor at the Law Faculties in Ghent, Sarajevo and others in the European region.

He is the author of numerous books and articles on organised crime, corruption, and financial crime.